Why join Read to Feed?
Who can join?
What are the rewards?
How to launch?
Before the program
Submit an enrollment form and a resource request form online.
Receive a confirmation email from Heifer.
Download resources online or request for delivery from Heifer.
Watch a promotional video to learn about Heifer’s philosophy and our work.
During the program
Help participants set specific targets for reading and fundraising.
Decide on a reward system to serve as a motivation to read.
Let participants read and seek sponsors (with the options of per-book-read or flat donations) with the set targets in mind.
Use Heifer’s teaching resource kit flexibly to deepen participants’ understanding of the poverty issue in China.
Remind and encourage students to read on a regular basis.
According to the standards of “Star Caring Scheme” (i.e. the total number of books read and donation amount), you will be entitled to FREE educational workshops and activities to enrich your reading experience.
After the program
Collect fundraising forms and donations from students.
Complete and submit the "Outcome Report" and the "Program Evaluation" online (within 1 week).
Submit the fundraising forms and donations collected to Heifer as instructed (within 3 weeks).
Distribute donation receipts, thank-you letters and progress reports to students on behalf of Heifer.
More reading & fundraising ideas

To further promote reading, Heifer has designed a series of fun and meaningful activities and games for teachers and students to showcase their creativity, and discover the joy of “read to feed” from different experiences throughout the program.